There are three ways to make a MyFortiva payment very quickly – paying with a Fortiva credit card online, by mail, and over the phone. And guess what, I will show you all the instructions here today.


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If you have a MyFortiva credit card, you have several options for making your payments. But for online, here are the steps to register.

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You can access your account by filling in the required information in the fields below and clicking on “Connection”. The “New User” option allows you to create an account by clicking on this link.

Follow the Instructions to Login to MyFortiva Account


  • You need to visit the official Fortiva Retail Card website or copy and paste https://www.myfortiva.com/.
  • On the page, locate Account in the upper right corner of the screen. And click on it
  • Another page opens. This time you will see a widget to enter your login information
  • Enter your login data (username and password) in the field provided
  • Check Remember my username when using your PC
  • Finally, click the login button here to access your Account online

You can easily manage your Fortiva credit card billing online once you’re logged into your Account. However, if you don’t already have a Fortiva account, please refer to the steps below to do so. There are three ways to make a Fortiva payment very quickly—paying with a Fortiva credit card online, by mail, and over the phone.

If you enter the correct credentials, you can easily access your Account online; Otherwise, you will not be able to access your Account.

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