Some retailers have two main suppliers and see the second main supplier as a second-sight deal. In addition to being a second look, they enable more customers to claim a more attractive loan offer before they have to think about leasing.


MyFortiva Retail Credit uses its own unique models, backed by more than 20 years in the lending industry. The FICO score is an extract from these models, but not the whole. By leveraging their proprietary trust models, they can offer record-keeping to customers who have been ignored or rejected by multiple lenders. Fortiva Retail Credit allows sellers to offer revolving credit extensions for a significant APR. Interest is amortized over two years.

Recurring offers and informal referrals are generated when you prioritize your customers for a revolving loan extension. The benefit of second-sight financing is that it is less expensive than salvage rentals, offers better terms, and has a greater customer retention rate.

In some cases, rental property providers can guarantee they will be ignored for not being good. They are a second look because their unique guarantee innovation allows us to offer actual loan files to clients who were turned down by their exceptional offer. They think rent-purchase should be the alternative for their customers.

In the long term, they coordinated our paperless structure with the big banks and the pilot stages of suppliers. They will be coordinated with your current frame as per your specifications. The setup interaction is quick and easy.

They designed their app to reflect the interaction of their main vendor. So it’s not difficult to prepare your business and deliver the most optimal customer experience. Plus, your interaction is really paperless. Your business development group will work with you to understand your business needs and design a layout and load arrangement to meet your goals. You will run a program that expands sponsorship while keeping distributor costs low.